Chinese market has been growing rapidly over the past ten years. The consumers have become wealthier and more sophisticated. The development of Internet usage through mobile apps and digital payments poses huge opportunities for us to reinvent how people buy and enjoy fresh produce. The new generation of “Digital Natives” wants quality product and trusts imported fruit due to food safety concerns. This generation is also extremely selective in what brand they choose and shows very little loyalty to brands of the past. It is our mission to stay ahead of the ever changing landscape of the business and to understand our customers better. In 2016, Frutacloud was founded by George Liu with this exact purpose in mind. We strive to be the most innovative fresh fruit importer, distributor and marketer by improving supply chain efficiency, creating brand value, and providing end to end solutions to our partners. We have established presence around the world including the US, Chile, Egypt, Taiwan, South Africa and China. Our mission is to find the shortest path to deliver fresh and healthy fruits to our customers and leave the world a tastier place than we found it.